Taking a break

Today I am going to travel to Germany for a cruise down the Rhine! The journey starts with a ferry crossing of the North Sea to Rotterdam and then a coach trip to Cologne where we pickboard the MV Virginia. I expect to see pleny of castles and majestic mountains as we head south sipping drinks on the promenade deck. I have not done this kind of thing before so the fact that it is something new makes it all the more exciting. Got my camera ready but intend not to spend every moment behind the view finder. There will be wine tasting trips as well as the obligatory visit to medieval towns, and of course trying out the German food and beer!

Hopefully I might get some inspiration for a story or two to write about as well; I can see it now…’Death on the Rhine’! Probably been done anyway!!

Aufwiedersehn! Back in about 10 days!

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