Today I will be mostly working on my manuscript

I set myself a deadline for publishing my book on Kindle and guess what? It’s approaching at an alarming rate now!

No point whinging about it, if there was never a deadline there would never be any books published and what a horrible world htat would be!

So today has been set aside to peruse the suggestions from a good friend who is giving the manuscript yet another review, he’s come up with some great ideas already. Nothing major, like the introduction of a whole new character, just some clever observations on how to improve various scenes or on moving some of the paragraphs around to create better hooks to catch the reader with.

If you can get someone you trust to do this sort of thing for you then it is definitely worth the effort, although a little bit earlier in the day would be better – but that’s entirely my fault!!


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I am an author and lover of life!
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