Formatting from Word ‘doc’ to EPUB

I have finished formatting the manuscript of ‘For Rapture of Ravens’. As e-readers use the ‘EPUB’ file format I decided to invest some time in using the ‘Sigil’ program. Previously I had simply loaded a Word copy of my manuscript but after I revised the original draft and loaded up a new version I was … Continue reading Formatting from Word ‘doc’ to EPUB

What Makes People Buy Self-Published Books?

Anyone wondering about this question that plagues indie authors should read this!

Tara Sparling writes

In this post, I discussed the findings of a scientifically incontrovertible study (of myself) on the factors which influenced me when buying a self-published book.

The findings surprised me (which surprised me, because I was surveying myself). I found that I knew what made me buy a self-published book when it was in front of me, but not what put that book in front of me, unless I was browsing by genre (e.g. today I feel like reading a romance set in Ulaanbaatar: therefore I will now search specifically for such a story).

It was still hard to know what put those books in front of my eyes in order to buy them; to quote one of the commenters on that post – this is the thorny issue of “discoverability”. How will we find these books in the first place?

So I did the unthinkable, and asked some other people…

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