Books Are Always Written In Chapters Aren’t They?

The answer is both yes and know. This is because writing a book is not immediately confined to a set layout. The chapter system has proven its worth over the centuries of novel writing because it is useful for organizing the story and for giving the reader timely breaks should they need them without losing … Continue reading Books Are Always Written In Chapters Aren’t They?

How to Launch Your New Book: Everything I Know

It’s always interesting to see how other people approach this subject!

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NewRules1(I’m going to be presenting these as Unquestionable Rules that Must be Followed.  Argue with me anyway.  Sometimes I’m very strident and wrong at the same time, especially if I think a general tone of Absolute Authority is funnier.  I am scheduling this to pop while I’m on the road, so feel free to yell at me in comments.)


You have written a book.  Congratulations!  I am proud of you.  You have done something that you have probably wanted to do for a very long time and that many, many people have tried to do and failed.

Here is what to do next, so that when you publish your book, you have the greatest chance of your book making an impact.  Note my phrasing; it’s intentional: when YOU publish your book.  You’re not submitting your book to an agent or to a publishing company and waiting a year to get…

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