Doesn’t Time Fly When You’re Having Fun!

Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit

Life, whether you want it to or not, intrudes into writing. This is even more keenly felt when you live with a significant other, such as a spouse, who happens to have a birthday on a weekend. Now I am not yet a highly successful author sat in their own study in some palatial mansion, I am a working family man who treasures weekends for the ‘writing time’ that they afford me. Obviously I was not going to get any writing done on this particular weekend!

I am well aware that any negative attitude on my part might be construed as indicative of a shallow, resentful or mean spirited personality, but honestly, that is not me. After reconciling myself to the fact that I would not be spending anytime writing I actually got in to the full swing of my wife’s birthday and did everything that I could to ensure that she had a great time.

And she did!

Branston Hall Country Hotel

Branston Hall Country Hotel

After meeting and greeting family we raced off to Branston Hall, just south of Lincoln, a very nice country hotel. We enjoyed the luxury of a bridal suite, fine dining, champagne and perhaps the most important thing of all; uninterrupted time together. This was not time wasted even for a writer, this was time spent in the company of my muse.

I believe that a writer should also be an observer. It is difficult to be an observer of life when you spend 5 days a week at stuck in the work routine, seeing the same places, meeting the same people. Getting out of the routine is important. Going places and doing things helps give you a new perspective on the things in your own life and that in turn can be beneficial for writing. I could have spent time pining for my word processor but that would have been a rather negative approach and ultimately counterproductive. My wife is very supportive of my writing but if I had taken to whinging about not having the time to write then I think that she might become resentful of the amount of time I spend indulging that activity. Nope, it is better to accept that life does indeed intrude and that this can be advantageous.

Although I did not get any writing done I did get a new idea for a novel. It was not one of those good ideas that you mean to write down and then forget, this one has persisted, which is always a good sign to me. Perhaps one of the reasons why is that my wife is going to have a significant input into it. She had a less than ordinary childhood and has numerous experiences that seem remarkable to other people. After enjoying a very good bottle of wine we got to talking once more about her early life and I made the suggestion that it would make a good basis for a book and she agreed. When I broached the idea again the next day, just to make sure that it was not just the alcohol talking, she agreed again only this time much more positively.

So there you go. A weekend away from the usual led to something unusual. I have a new writing project to plan out and a very special collaborator to share it with. I also had a very good time wandering around historic Lincoln and bought a hat! Coincidently, I will not being doing much writing this weekend either as we are catching a fast train to London to see U2 play at the O2 Arena. Considering what a leisurely stay in the country did for my creativity it is going to be interesting to see what an exciting few days with my muse down in London Town is going to lead to!

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2 Responses to Doesn’t Time Fly When You’re Having Fun!

  1. Moritz says:

    Doing something totally different or traveling away, can definitely help you regain some energy to start new projects!


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