I Actually Quite Like Doing this Blog Thing!

Yet again an entire month has gone by without me writing anything for my blog. The usual reasons apply; busy, seasonal holidays, illness (nothing major, just man-flu), disappointments, etc. Nothing of any real note actually but all of which combine to frustrate me all the same, and it is the New Year again!

I have posted previously that I am not a fan of the whole ‘New Year’ thing. I do not really believe that a change in the calendar leads to any other changes. Also, I do not do New Year Resolutions, I see that as just setting yourself up to fail. If you are going to make a new you then why wait until 1st January? You can make that resolution any day of any month of any year you happen to be living in!

Okay, so I am sensing a bit of negativity in the opening two paragraphs of this first entry into my blog for 2017; time to put that right. Although the change of the date does not impress me much I am more than aware, and appreciative, of the fact that I have a good life when all things are considered. I mentioned that I had man-flu, which ruined the second half of the Christmas holiday for me, and it is a serious thing for someone like me who also has to live with a condition like Myotonia Congenita, I cannot cough or sneeze like other people do as my muscles ‘freeze’ after sudden contraction, which makes coughing and sneezing both difficult and uncomfortable. That might explain why I always seem to end up with a chest infection after a bad cold. It might seem like an unenviable situation, and it is, but it is not as bad as many others.

Despite my man-flu aggravated by muscles that find it difficult to relax I have access to healthcare, relatively cheap medicines, and a safe place to curl up in and get better. I have a home. It is not a mansion but it is comfortably appointed and I share it with family. I appreciate how lucky I am in this respect.

Over the holiday, before I fell ill, a friend of mine told me what they thought of my latest novel, ‘Eugenica’; he was deeply impressed. He was so impressed that he had to tell me his opinion as soon as I sat down at the bar table on Christmas Eve as we began our traditional holiday drink. What he said had a great impact on me. I find that whenever anyone goes to the trouble to express their opinion on my work that I am moved by the experience. I was not sure if my friend would like ‘Eugenica’ to be honest, it was a bit of a gamble really, but he told me that he thought that everyone should read it! That came as high praise indeed.

I have to admit that my writing of late has been also frustrated by circumstance. I hate being in this situation but another friend told me that they were very impressed by the fact that I had written three novels, was working on the fourth, had a fifth planned, held a full time job that had also recently attracted a promotion, and had a successful marriage to boot!

When friends shine these little lights on our achievements in can go some way to changing our perspective on our own lives. Yes, the end of last year did get very hectic and perhaps I did not try hard enough to keep somethings, like this blog for instance, going and up to date, but then I am only human. I think I will make more of an effort, however. Not because I feel some form of guilt or pressure to commit myself to a new resolution, rather because I have actually quite enjoyed writing this little piece in and of itself!


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