Why Give Your Work Away for Free?

From Thursday 13 April until midnight Monday 17 April all of my books will be free to download for the Amazon Kindle. This is not the first time that I have run this kind of promotion but it is one that often seems to confuse people who invariably ask the question: ‘how will you make any money doing that?’

My answer is that I am not doing this to make money! Obviously becoming rich from writing books would be a good thing, something that I would be delighted to happen to me, but being realistic it is not the likeliest thing to happen. The fact is that being better known is, at this stage of my writing career, far more valuable than even a couple of thousand book sales.

When I published my first book, The War Wolf, through Amazon I enjoyed quite an active period of book downloads, but things have changed. The Kindle market is now swamped by other authors and it is very difficult to get yourself noticed these days. I have looked at marketing and to be honest it bores me to tears! I did not write a novel to become a marketing wizard, I wrote it because I like being a story teller. I have mentioned previously that one of my definitions of success as an author was to have my book read by someone that I did not know and that happened. Obviously that was not the only criteria I used, having several thousand, even a million, readers would be great, but I am only one of several million, or so it seems, other independent authors.

Of course getting discovered is not the sole torment of the author, other artists in all the different fields that come under the umbrella term of art struggle against anonymity as well. It is the fact that some strike it lucky, for whatever reason, that keeps my hope alive.

I am not offering my books for free because I doubt their quality, far from it. In fact it is because I believe that I have written three very good novels that I am doing this. I want to share my work with as many readers as possible not just in the hope of improved future book sales but rather in the hope of gaining more recognition through an increase in the number of honest book reviews that I have had. I am not exaggerating when I say that my books have sold in the thousands but if you look at my Amazon reviews for those books you will see that they are pitifully few. I do not know why this is. I would like to think that most Amazon customers are now used to submitting quick product assessments online, certainly Amazon make it very easy to do. I do not expect an essay of literary criticism standards, just an honest opinion by a reader on my work; is that too much to ask?

My books will be free over the holiday period for five days, if you feel like having a read of them then please, be my guest, all that I ask is that you take the time afterwards to give me an honest review…please?!

To download free copies of my books please follow this link and Visit My Website

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