Torn Between Two Books

Gosh! Another enforced hiatus. I really did not think that it had been so long but it has. I have used the excuse of suffering the curse of living a busy life previously, I know, but it is true. Things just seem to get forgotten about. That is both a little disappointing and frustrating, however. I mean, I really enjoy writing and I also enjoy writing this blog. I suppose it is a question of something having to give and it often seems to be this that gets forgotten.

Anyway, enough complaining. I find myself in a rather strange position, artistically speaking, in that I have two books that are both close to being finished in terms of their second draft. I did not set you to have two books so close together, they just seem to have set themselves on a collision course I have given both of them the necessary impetus. In retrospect I am wondering where I got both the time and the energy to carry out two writing projects at the same time?

The first of the two is third and final part of my trilogy, the Sorrow Song. I began it after completing ‘Eugenica’. As a project it has gone very well. Of course I had the benefit of writing the two previous novels in the series, so I had a good understanding of the subject matter and the characters. I also wanted to finish the series properly so I had a lot of personal motivation in that respect. To date the second manuscript is just a shade under 80,000 words and I know, more or less, everything that I want to write. There’s plenty to do in the way of editing the manuscript, always the boring part, but most of the actual creative writing has been done. I am now aiming for a publishing date closer to the actual anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, which has the double benefit of not putting myself under too much stress and allowing the release to tap into the public interest that this battle now seems to invoke.

The second book is the fantasy story that I have also written about before. I have to admit that I was not expecting this project to go quite as quickly as it has. The story seemed to come together with surprising rapidity. The characters are mostly well realised and the alternate world in which it all takes place has former very well. I am aware that there is a need to add more depth to the background but this is not turning out to be a chore. I am really enjoying writing this story. I do not want to say too much about it as I feel I have some original ideas I do am wary about giving too much away. The last time I finished writing a section the count stood at a shade under 70,000, which is the minimum I would expect for a novel. There is an outside chance that this book might be ready before ‘The Blade’s Fell Blow’ although I think that it is more likely that I will put the fantasy story on the back burner and devote all of my energy and limited time into finishing the trilogy.

After this I am not too sure what my next project will be. I have several ideas but I do not think that I will be writing two books at once. Then again, if this method turns out successful I might find that this is the optimum method of writing for me!


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