Has my experiment failed?

As experiments go making all of my books available for free download seemed to be successful. According to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) several hundred copies were downloaded by prospective readers in the five days of the offer. One of my goals was to increase the number of reviews that my books have on Amazon. To date this has not been realised.

For some reason people who have downloaded my books do not seem motivated to give me an honest review. Several people contacted me to say that they were reading one of my books, that they were enjoying it, and that they would give me a review. To date no one has. I find this a little disappointing and frustrating.

Of course I know that not everyone who downloads a book reads it immediately. I have myself downloaded more than one book at a time and worked my way through my growing library as and when I can. I choose which book to read according to my mood and I suppose a lot of other readers do this also. However, when I read a book by an independent author I always leave a fair review of their work. I suppose some readers might just be taking their time getting to my work and I will just have to accept that.

I know that I do not have a right to expect a review from everyone who goes to the trouble of putting one of my books into their collection, in some respects I wish that I did not have to even consider this, but Amazon, who have done so much to revolutionise publishing and reading, have inadvertently made it a necessity. Many people look at the reviews of products on the Amazon website and they do not buy unless they see high a count of stars. Although my reviews average 4.5 stars there is not very many of them. I have read that this tends to put potential readers off buying the books that they look at.

Time might yet prove to be kind to me, however. Although I check to see if any new reviews have been posted almost daily, which may seem a little sad, I know, I have to remind myself that for other people this is not a priority. Our lives are busy and there are plenty of other distractions out there as well. All I can do is distract myself with writing my next book and hoping that when I check Amazon during my next coffee break that there might be a surprise waiting for me there!



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I am an author and lover of life!
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