On a Lighter Note

Considering that my last post was a little bit serious I thought I might change the mood a little with a discussion about music.

One of the things that I have found is that when I am writing or working on my books in any other way, such as editing for example, then I really do not like to listen to music that has lyrics. Normally I love music, all kinds as well, but I find even songs that I really like a real distraction when I am trying to concentrate. The other thing is that total silence really does not work either.

I do most of my work at home, which is a terraced house with a reasonably busy street outside. If I try and work in silence then I seem to become aware of the sounds that people are making outside, cars driving by, children screaming, people talking very loud, that sort of noise. To try and blanket this out I decided to listen to classical music. At first this was quite good but my playlist became predictable, even on when I put it on shuffle I soon realised that I was listening to pieces that had already been played. I did try the radio but the adverts and the talking and the change from kind of classical music to another, probably one that I am not particularly fond of, distracted me.

After a search of the internet I discovered ambient music. Well, to be honest I already knew about ambient music, I just had not thought of using it. Using the Tune In radio application I was able to find all kinds of different music station on my Android tablet. Amongst the many that I tried I found ‘Ambient Sleeping Pill’ and this really worked for me.

Some people think of this kind of music as monotonous, and I suppose it is, but then it is there not for me to listen to consciously but rather unconsciously. I do not concentrate on the pieces of music being played, I do not want to do that, I want to concentrate on what I am writing instead. Listening to ambient music seems to help me do this. Indeed, I would say that having ambient music on actually helps me be more creative. Does ambient music play with your brain? I expect it does as most other forms of music provoke reactions of one kind or another. For me it allows me to exploit my powers of concentration. I have no doubt about this. My writing experience when I have ambient music in the background just seems more enjoyable and less fraught with problems. In fact problem solving within the confines of the book that I am writing is easier and more satisfying.

When I get a study of my own, which I keep telling my wife that I will do (she’s okay about the idea as long as I keep it clean, not tidy, just clean), then ambient music is always going to be on in the background.


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