Promotion, Promotion, all this Self Promotion

I have touched on this subject previously, I know, but it is a subject that I keep returning to so I thought I might as well write about it again. As an ‘independent author’ I have to do everything myself. I write my book, I design the cover, I upload it to Amazon and other sites, and then I promote the book.

This is a necessary evil.

The fact is that when you are independent then everything falls down to you. It is a question of responsibility I suppose, but it is a double-edged sword. I want to spend my time writing but getting new readers, which I also want, demands that I invest some of my valuable time in getting my books noticed. To achieve this I have opened a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a WordPress blog (obviously), I have my own website and I am on Google+. I put a lot of effort into maintaining this ‘presence’ as the promotion gurus call it and I even turn out the odd promotional book trailer as well.

Here is one of my most recent works:

Sorrow Song

Sorrow Song Video here

It is not the first that I have done this but like so many creative enterprises it is a learning process. My first attempt was clumsy in retrospect but then aren’t they always? I learnt that it was too long and too wordy, so I trimmed it down and added some better images.

For my next effort I turned to ‘Eugenica,’ my dystopian alternate history novel, and produced this:

Eugenica Video

Eugenica Video here

Again, this was not my first attempt at promoting ‘Eugenica’ but I had a much better idea of what I wanted this time.

I have put both videos out into the public domain but I know that it is already saturated with similar products. There is only one way to know if these will work and that is with a positive response in terms of book sales, reviews, and comments; to date all I have had is a request from someone on YouTube for a dollar!

It could be that I have wasted my time with these efforts but then that is something that you only know after doing. Theorizing about it is all well and good but, like Schrodinger’s Cat, you only know for certain after you have opened the box!


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