So, I got a 5 Star Review

I have written previously about how much I value readers’ reviews of my books and also how frustrating it is not having very many such reviews. Well, I finally got another one.

Anders Bloom wrote a very pleasing review on the KOBO website and gave Eugenica 5 stars, but that is not the important part, this is:

“Reading this book made me change how I look at disabled people.”


Grace Flag 01.4Now when I first started work on Eugnica one of my aims was to present disabled people in a positive light. Here in Britain the politicians had launched a quite shameless attack on the disabled in order to rob them of any public sympathy prior to reducing the state disability benefits. They were very successful. So successful that hate crime against the disabled rose dramatically. This was also at the time that disabled Olympians were being raised to new heights, kind of a weird contradiction really. On one hand genuinely disabled people were being demonised as work-shy scroungers for qualifying for state benefits, even though those same benefits were not actually work related (never let a fact get in the way of savaging a minority group), and on another disabled athletes were being lionised for their attitude towards dealing with their disabilities.

I have suffered some personal abuse simply because I am physically disabled. It was not pleasant and the comments used were very similar to what was being published in the media at the time. Mostly I seem to get ignored, which should not be preferable, especially when you are stood in line like everyone else, but it sometimes it is as well. If the idiots ignore you then you do not have to deal with them.

With Eugenica I tried to be as honest as possible about disability, especially in respect of the main characters, all of whom have one type of disability or another. They are not, I hope, shallow caricatures of people. They have the full range of emotions that ‘normal’ people have. That was my goal, to present them as people, just people, like everyone else.

It would seem that with respect to at least one reader I have been entirely successful in achieving that goal, which makes me very happy indeed.

Here is a link to the full review: Kobo



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