A Book’s Life Beyond Kindle

There is no doubt that Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has revolutionised publishing for everyone. I published my first book, The War Wolf, through KDP after going through the usual frustration of trying to find a literary agent. I do not regret this action. I can remember how I felt when my book first appeared on Amazon’s pages for sale; it felt great!

The ePublishing industry has grown enormously since then and KDP is not the only player. Kobo has their own slice of the pie and doing rather well and Smashwords are also carving out a niche for themselves. Although Amazon makes a great first launch pad there are reasons for why an author like myself should consider putting their book out with alternative publishers like these two.

Amazon is a very controlling organisation. They want an author to submit their book for ‘KDP Select’ but that means giving them exclusive rights to it, that is, the book cannot be available anywhere else, like Smashwords for example. I did not mind this back in 2013 when I first submitted The War Wolf, the book seemed to do well, but as the market has grown so much since then I find little advantage in this exclusivity. My sales have dropped and interest seems to have waned somewhat.

Grace Flag 01.4Now, Eugenica is a book that I have struggled to get readers interested in. I believe that it is the themes of the book, eugenics and disabled people, I always knew that these would be difficult as I found them equally difficult to write about. Eugenica has more than that, however. It is an adventure as well. A dark one, I admit, but it possesses all the traits of a classic adventure tale. There are fights with fists, guns, knives, and even canes. There are chases using cars, aeroplanes, trains, and even an airship. Brave heroes achieve escapes from desperate villains. It is all quite a thrill ride really. There is also a little humour thrown in there and an awful lot of cultural referencing. The weird fact is that although I have found it difficult to convince readers to look at this book all those who have done so have told me how much they have enjoyed it. One reader who has a daughter suffering from Cerebral Palsy even suggested that everyone should read this book because it will change people’s opinion of the disabled.

The fact is that Eugenica has not done as well as I hoped in terms of sales through Amazon and so I have decided to make it available through Smashwords. One of the things that I like about Smashwords is that they offer books in various formats, whereas Amazon only caters for the Kindle. This approach widens the field of new readers considerably I believe. I have now enrolled the book and it is ready to go so to mark this new venture I have decided to run a discount campaign by offering a 50% off coupon. The idea is very simple, a prospective reader is given a coupon number, they visit Smashwords’ website, select the book and then when they reach the checkout they enter the coupon number and viola! They get the book with the discount applied instead of at the regular price.

As this is my first attempt at applying a coupon to one of my books on Smashwords I am running it for a fixed period, until 25th August to be exact, and what I do after that will depend on how successful it proves to be. My aim is to get more people to read the book and, hopefully, talk about it, either with a review or with other readers. I will not make much money out of this but I am alright about that as that is not the purpose of these sort of campaigns. If you would are interested in trying Eugenica at a discount price of only $0.99 then please visit here:


And apply the coupon number ‘SA59Q’, and then enjoy a rather good book at a bargain price!

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