In Need of Reviews

Grace Flag 01.4Eugenica appears to be a difficult book to get people to interested in. I suppose the themes of the book, the persecution of the disabled for example, are not that attractive. I can understand that there is nothing attractive either about the issue or the nature of disability. Nevertheless, wrapped around that theme is a rather positive story that attempts to portray the disabled in a very constructive and affirming way.

Although eugenics and its rather more infamous cousin, dysgenics, are not attractive to most readers today the spirit of adventure, I believe, always is. At its heart, Eugenica is an adventure story. It features mystery, discovery, fights, chases, and narrow escapes. There are heroes and villains, a femme fatale, a (bit of a) mad scientist, a superman, and a monster. The characters use cars, trains, aeroplanes, and even an airship. All the stuff of high adventure really.

I think that this book is a very good read. No, a damn good read, actually. I want to spread the word and to that end, I am looking for people who will read this book for FREE under only one obligation, which is that they will provide an honest constructive criticism of it.

That is the deal. I will provide a free eBook for you eReader and you, in return, will send me a totally honest review. I do not want flattery. I do not want appeasement. I want honesty and integrity. If you are interested then please leave a message below or contact me at:


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