The Sorrow Song Trilogy is Complete!

I have submitted The Blade’s Fell Blow to Kindle Direct Publishing and it has been accepted for pre-order publishing. It is now live on Amazon for release on 14 October 2017, which happens to be the 951st anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.

I have to admit that I felt a moment of pride when I saw my author’s bookshelf at KDP as it now contains four novels. A lot of work has gone into creating that collection of stories and I do not regret a moment of it.

Finishing the Sorrow Song Trilogy actually felt like quite an accomplishment. I do not, at the moment at least, feel any inclination to return to this world that I created. Unlike Sir Arthur Conan Doyle this is not because I have grown to dislike my protagonist, Coenred, but rather because I just feel that there is nothing more that I can add to the tale. In fact I very much like all the characters from this series. When I set out to write these books the whole point was to create a character who could logically find himself at each of the three major battles of 1066 and a warrior was an obvious choice. Once those battles were fought and concluded, however, then I think it is best if the surviving character’s stories continue in the imagination of my readers.

It may well be that I will return to them at some point in the future but only if I am inspired by a new and original story to tell. Until then I will be archiving all of my research, notes, back-stories, and manuscripts. I do have one project left, however, and that is to produce a complete collection of all three books in one volume but that will be something to do in the future.

Right now I feel like I have really accomplished something. I have told the story of 1066 from the point of view of the Anglo-Saxons and with a concentration upon historical accuracy. Balancing the facts with the fiction was a great exercise and I think that I largely achieved it. Although I had a latent sympathy for the Saxons I tried not to judge the Vikings and the Normans. They had their own motivations for what they did, something that I tried to express through principal characters. I could not change the history but I think that the Anglo-Saxons are represented as a people who were full of life and energy with a rich culture and a society far more liberal than the one that was to be imposed upon it.

If you have read The War Wolf and For Rapture of Ravens then I hope you will complete the experience by also reading The Blade’s Fell Blow and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

All 3 Books

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