A Advertising We Will Go


When I published my first novel through Amazon I actually made a nice little sum in royalties. It was not a fortune but it was rewarding all the same. By the time I published my fifth novel, earlier this year, those royalties have effectively disappeared. I do not think that the reason for this is that I am writing stories that people do not want to read. I base this opinion on the feedback that I have gotten from readers who have taken the trouble to contact me. Having looked at the market recently I think part of the problem is that the eBook revolution has become so vast.

The problem for me today is not writing books but finding readers. There are so many people now writing, all to varying degrees of quality, that it is much harder to get your book noticed than it was when I first started. I have written previously about how I do not want to become a marketing wizard and that remains true. It is not a subject or undertaking that interests me. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to pay someone else to do it for me either. I decided to use an Amazon advertising campaign instead. I decided on a budget of $100 but one of the good things about the Amazon advert is that you only pay when someone clicks on it. The campaign started on 02 February and to date, the metrics state that it has been displayed 2,026 times resulting in 2 clicks at $0.22 in charges and 0 sales. Not very impressive!

Despite this ‘Mesozoic’ has been doing quite well with regards to Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners Lending Library. I get a reduced royalty from each of these. Actual sales have not been anything to sing about, however. To be honest, though, I already accept that I am not likely to make a lot of money out selling books through Amazon. What I do like is the idea that someone I do not know is reading my work. I also really enjoy reading honest reviews of that work, but they appear to be as difficult to come by as actual sales.

I would love to be a professional writer, which would be dependent on a lot more sales obviously, but it seems that I need to be discovered first. That is certainly not an original position to be in. I understand the problem as well, I think that I have illustrated that above. I do not want to go into marketing seriously but my efforts to use established means really I have not given me a great return. I joined AwesomeGang, a book promotion website, to try and attract more readers for my novel ‘Eugenica’ but after paying my subscription I have to report that a year later not a single copy has been sold. A bit sad really because it is a good book and not just in my opinion, those readers who have read it and expressed an opinion have told me so as well.

In conclusion, I am convinced that further advertising is necessary for success. How I go about this I do not know. Based on how my Amazon advertising campaign has gone so far I stand to recoup most of the $100 I budgeted for it so I suppose I could invest that in something. The question is, what?



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