A Advertising We Will Go – A Follow Up

My experiment with paid advertising is coming to an end, time to check out the details and see what my dollars brought me. Here are the metrics:

I had a budget of $100.

From 02 Feb to 04 Mar 2018 I had 7,768 impressions, an ‘impression’ being when my advert was displayed.

There were 18 clicks, which is when someone ‘clicks’ on the advert.

For every click I was charged $0.24 so that cost me $4.34.

My total sales for the period of the campaign were: 0 (nil).

Okay, that might not look very impressive at first glance, probably because it is not very impressive at all. However, although these figures are supplied by Amazon they do not make any reference to Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members who might have looked at ‘Mesozoic’ or even read the book, for which I also receive a reduced royalty. During the ad campaign the book did very well in respect of eligible Amazon members but obviously I cannot say for definite that the two are linked.

The problem is that with so many eBooks now being available it really is a struggle to get my work noticed. Although this campaign might seem to have failed the fact is that 18 people who I would not have reached otherwise showed an interest in ‘Mesozoic’ and in reality it only cost me $4.34, which is actually equivalent to buying a beer!

I am not put off by this experience. I think that there are some things that could be better, such as finding the page where your results are displayed, which is not actually under the tab marked ‘Advertising Campaigns’ on the KDP dashboard, you have to follow the rather innocuous link to another page and the data does not appear for a day or two either. That is a small complaint, however. Now that I have acquired a little experience I will look at running another campaign but this time I want to put a little more work into it. I have access to several social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., but I did not really use them that much in this instance. A more coordinated effort on my part might lead to a better response. I have said previously that I did not start writing books to become a marketing expert and that still holds true but I am aware that sitting around waiting to be discovered is not very fulfilling either.

Not being one for just sitting around and complaining I accept that I have to become more active in the promotion of my books. I believe that the trick is to make sure that my time is used efficiently. I want people to read what I write but I also want to be able to write for people who want to read. Giving too much time to marketing is only going to leave me feeling frustrated but then not giving enough time will also result in me wasting that effort, probably. It is just another one of life’s balancing acts.



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