Back on Track and Looking for New Audio Book Adventures

I have had my surgery and been discharged from the hospital. The long journey to recovery has begun. It took a little while but I have also managed to set up my laptop so that I can use it for as long as I am comfortable each day.

Some time ago I submitted my first novel, The War Wolf, for adaptation to become an audio-book. The process took a little longer than I expected and there was some frustration along the way but the narrator I chose, one Jack Glanville, has done an excellent job. I am currently reviewing the chapters that he has submitted. It is something quite entertaining to hear a talented voice artist reading your own story. I am sure that Jack’s obvious talent enhances the experience. Previously, I have only heard my work spoken by the electronic voices of ‘Text to Speech’ engines. That was fun as well, but it does not compare to hearing someone who actually enjoys what they are doing delivering your words.

War Wolf

As I sit here listening to my book being read, almost like a radio play, I cannot help but think that I was very lucky in finding Jack Glanville. He became a professional voice actor after agreeing to do my books, which caused a delay in getting the project going, but I am glad that I was patient with him. We have an agreement for him to complete the entire ‘Sorrow Song Trilogy’. I thought at the time that it would be more professional to have the same actor do all three books and he agreed. This is a project that stands to benefit both of us. If the audio-book proves to be at least as successful as the eBook then my work is going to be exposed to many more new readers, or should that be listeners. For Jack it another kind of exposure. I am sure that his talent will be quickly recognised. He has a very clear and charismatic reading voice. I believe that even a moderate success for the book will lead to great success for the both of us in the near future.

My time is somewhat limited, however. This is the first day that I have spent tapping away at my keyboard since undergoing the surgery. I can feel my foot and lower leg becoming uncomfortable, as it does every day. I can distract myself for so long by doing other things, but ultimately I have to recognise the fact that I am in pain and that I need to rest as my reserves of energy have not yet returned to their normal level.

Although producing ‘The War Wolf’ as an audio-book is exciting and attractive in that it does not require too much of me, I still have plans for continuing with my writing. There are two other projects that require my attention sooner rather than later. The first is the fantasy novel that I started several months ago. I stopped writing when I realised that I needed to review the protagonist. I have done that now and I think that I know what to do to make him more deserving of the reader’s sympathy. It will not take much to re-write his parts and the largest part of the book, some 70% I reckon, is already complete in the second draft.

The second project is a whodunit murder mystery that seemed to run out of steam. The story is not long enough for a novel at the moment. This is not a problem, more of an observation. I need to work on the plot more and introduce some further twists and probably one or two more characters. As this is my first foray into the murder mystery genre I am not surprised that I have run into this problem. I do not find it discouraging, however, more of a challenge really.

In conclusion, my hiatus due to medical issues has come to an end. I may not be back to full strength yet but writing is, once again, featuring on my horizon.


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