And He’s Back!

I have been out of action due to surgery but I was not expecting the recovery to be so frustratingly slow. For the most part I have had to remain almost horizontal, which has meant using my computer has been practically impossible. I have done no writing since early April. However, I seem to have reached a milestone. I am now able to sit normally and use my laptop again. This is such a relief.

War WolfAlthough I have been on the sidelines for an extended period things have been moving on. The War Wolf has finished recording as an audiobook and is now in the final production stage with publication pending. I am very excited about moving into the audiobook world. I am lucky in finding a great voice actor in Jack Glanville, not least because he enjoyed reading my book. In fact he got so into the role that we had to re-submit several pieces from the more active scenes because he got carried away with the action and exceeded the decibel limit for audiobooks! It has delayed the final publishing date but it is worth it, believe me.

Book Cover 01Mesozoic, my time travel dinosaur adventure, has received its first review on Amazon and it is a 5 star rating! I am always happy to receive reviews. When I first started writing I told myself that I would be happy for just one person I did not know to read my book and tell me that they enjoyed it. Since then several thousand have read my work, unfortunately far fewer have published their thoughts in the way of a review.

On the same subject my alternate history adventure, Eugenica, also benefitted from a new review. I have to admit that I find this book rather perplexing in that everyone who has read it has told me that they have thoroughly enjoyed the story but getting people to read it initially appears to be a real Grace Flag 01.4problem. I can think of a lot of reasons as to why this might be, the subject of eugenics for example or the fact that the main characters are all disabled, but at its heart Eugenica is a very positive story. It is a tale that relates the triumph of the human spirit over adversity against overwhelming odds. At least writer of Eugenica’s latest review seems to agree with me on that.

Now that I am able to sit up and do some work I am looking forward to finishing two books that have been in stasis for a little while. The first is ‘Queen of the Mountain Kingdom’, a fantasy with a different approach to the genre. I realized late on that there was something not quite right with the protagonist, I think that I have figured out what the problem is and I am keen to rewrite some sections to develop a missing aspect of the character. The second book, which only has the working title of ‘The Vintage Detective’ is a whodunit. There is still plenty of work to do on this one but I really enjoyed what I have managed to write and I am looking forward to getting back and completing this project.

So there we are. I am making my return and a prolonged enforced absence. Hopefully I won’t be going through this experience again, rather I will be spending my time writing!


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