The Audio Book Cometh!


At long last the audio book version of my first novel, The War Wolf, is imminent. The project to turn a good read into a good listen has taken longer than I anticipated but I believe that the wait has been worthwhile. Despite various problems along the way, both personal and technical, the end is now in sight.

My narrator, Jack Glanville, has done a great job. He tells me that he thoroughly enjoyed reading the script and that this made it much easier to complete. I found this quite encouraging. Jack explained that he had looked at several projects but that most of them were not of a quality that he wanted to put his name to, he liked the sound of The War Wolf, however. As he worked on the recording he followed the adventures of the main characters, Coenred and Mildryth, with interest. It is a truth that we do our best work when we enjoy what we are doing.

Within a few days the finished audio book will be ready for release. I am going to put together an advertising campaign. I have a bit of experience in this having published five novels to date, I also have no allusions about being successful. There is so much material out there that the market often seems swamped, well, in respect of eBooks at least. The audio book market is growing and, at least at the moment, does not seem to have been overwhelmed with sub-standard works. This may have something to do with talented people like Jack being more discerning about what they want to put their name to? I hope so.

I am not thinking about how many copies I might sell. Of course I want the book to be a success and I am certainly not against receiving a handsome amount of money in royalties, shared 50/50 with Jack, but the creative process is also important to me. I really enjoy the act of artistic creation. Although most of the work in transferring my work from written book to audio book has been completed by other people, Jack with his vocal performance and the technicians at ACX, the original words are all mine.

It is quite exciting to be exploring new artistic frontiers. Just when I was beginning to feel that the eBook environment was becoming stale with poor quality submissions a new area of creative possibility opens up. I will be putting a lot of effort into advertising my new audio book but I will also be working on two new books. I am also in the process of revamping my website. I suppose that when you do something that you feel passionate about the activity itself can become almost self-perpetuating. It may just be a hobby at the moment but it is proving such a rewarding pursuit that just doing it has become enough of a reason to continue writing.

Further information about Jack Glanville’s work can be found here: Vojack – Voice Actor

War Wolf


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