What it is to be Free!

In yet another attempt to increase my readership and, hopefully, garner a few more honest reviews, I am offering all of my eBooks for free download from 2nd to the 6th October through Amazon.

If you wish to find out if my books, which have been the primary subject of this blog since I started it, have been worth all the writing that I have done then please feel free to download one or more of my books.

As suggested in the first paragraph one of the objectives of this campaign is to get more reviews. This has been a constant battle on my part as a writer but for some reason the vast majority of readers do not seem to want to post even a star rating let alone a brief description of what they liked about the story. It is a catch-22 situation in that the more reviews a book gets then the more readers it is likely to attract but very few readers seem to be bothered about posting their comments. There is a school of thought that writers should not concern themselves with reviews but I feel that this only really applies to those who are established with a traditional publisher and agent, for the rest of us every little bit helps.

To be honest I would rather spend my time writing than launching promotion campaigns. I enjoy writing stories. If I could do it for a living then this would be a dream job, however, I have yet to be discovered so it is necessary that I become a promoter as well.

So, if you are at all curious then please have a look at the list of my books. There are my historical fiction novels set in 1066, a `930’s alternate history adventure, and a futuristic technical thriller set in the past! All that I ask is that you do take five minutes just to do me the favour of posting an honest rating and review. It does not have to be a literary essay, just a simple statement of what you liked about my work.

Many thanks in anticipation.

All Books Free Promo 181002


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I am an author and lover of life!
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