The Value of the Review

As with many subjects I have written about book reviews before, particularly my attempts to encourage readers to post their opinions about my books. I am happy to be able to write, therefore, about a review that a reader posted with no such encouragement from myself.

The book in question is ‘Mesozoic’, my technological thriller that features time travel and dinosaurs. The latter are a long standing obsession of mine. I became a fan of the adventure novel quite early in life. Books like ‘Treasure Island’, ‘The Three Musketeers’, and ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ are stories that I have read many times for the simple pleasure of it. ‘Mesozoic’ is very much in that vein. It features a disparate group of characters who must make a hazardous journey through an exotic landscape to escape being trapped several million years back in history, in the time of the dinosaurs. It is not a weighty novel. There are some themes in it that are important to me, like the consumer based economies devouring resources with no concern for anything other than making money. The book also features several strong female characters. The survivalist who as the unenviable task of keeping everyone alive in the prehistoric environments is a woman called Tanya. The next leader of the human world that has survived a massive ecological disaster in our future is Dr Eva Keisler. I actually quite like them. However, I wrote the book for fun and I think that I was successful in that aim.

The reader who took the time to post a review appears to agree with me. Kay gave the book 5 stars. You can read her comments here:

Amazon – Mesozoic Book Review

The review is short and to the point. It really does not have to be much more than that. I think that most people do not want to write a critical essay and, even as a writer, I agree with them. I try to get this point over when encouraging my readers to post something. The 5 sentences that make up this review are sufficient for posting on a vendor’s website, in my opinion. It is certainly enough to please me as an author.

Having written 5 books I wish the number of reviews that each had received equalled 10% of the total sales for each title. My reviews would number in the hundreds. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If you have ever read one of my novels I would be very grateful if you could spare me 10 minutes or so of your time and post a similar review to the one above. If you like my work and would like to read more then this one little thing, more than even the selling of a copy of one of my books, would do more for me as an author than anything else.

Book Cover 01

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