A New Guy on the Block

Recuperation seems to be as time intensive as undergoing medical procedures. I get the feeling that once the frame was removed from my leg there many things that I just wanted to get back on with. Normality was the motivation. I wanted to get back to normal and do normal things. Like washing the pots for example! Boring, I know, but it is only when you are denied the ability to do such things that you discover how important a little bit of boring normality is.

In my quest to be normal my writing has been put on the back burner – again! I have done some, just not as much as I would like. The fantasy novel is coming on well, but still not finished. I have also been working on a new character. He’s a kind of an anti-hero. Actually, he would definitely not consider himself a hero at all. in fact, the idea would not even cross his mind. I don’t know where this guy came from. He’s not the kind of character that I have felt drawn to writing about before. Like many others he seemed to just form in my imagination, but, unlike so many others, he did not simply fade away. He has stuck around and given me some interesting (to me) ideas to work with.

To get this guy into a story I am going to have to look at writing a thriller. I do not find this daunting, probably because I do not consider myself a genre writer. I like the thriller genre as well. I have read quite a few books and enjoyed quite a few movies that fit the bill. I also have an idea for a fictional world that is heavily rooted in this one but where various characters can interact and play out individual stories against the same background. It is a kind of ‘Sin City’ sort of thing, but perhaps not as over the top. I think that my new character, who is called Dave, would fit right in there.

The thing about Dave is that although he’s not exactly the hero type he’s not a villain either. At least not in the traditional sense. He is someone who is out to discover his true nature and is not afraid if that turns out to lean one way or another in someone else’s moral judgement. He has notions that he wants to pursue, like developing a code to live by, and testing himself in dangerous and violent situations. To be honest he’s still pretty vague as yet but he won’t go away. Dave is proving very persistent. Although I had a couple of other stories that I wanted to develop I think Dave is going to bully his way to the front.

2 thoughts on “A New Guy on the Block

    • I haven’t revealed his full name, it is an intentional part of the character’s dark background. I do have a good idea of the basic story that he is going to be in but there’s a lot of development work that needs to be done yet. I will write more on that as I go.

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