When the story just seems to go on and on


The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom just does not want to be finished! I thought that I was closing in on the job, but then out comes another idea! No warning. No subtle introduction. All I get is ‘wouldn’t it be cool if we examine the friction between an almost absolute monarchy and a growing desire for republicanism in a fantasy setting?’ Yeah right! More like a lot of extra work for me you mean!

Writing a book can be a lot like painting a picture, the difficult part is knowing when it is finished!

To be honest, I think that it is easier with a book. With painting of drawing I have always found that feeling of ‘just a little bit more here’ won’t go away. When it comes to writing I am usually frustrated more by not tying all the threads together in exactly the way I want them. I know, that probably does not make a lot of sense, but then you have to think of a novel as kind of a living thing. Well, I seem to.

It must be my technique that does this. I write my books in my imagination by enlarge. I am always thinking about them in one way or another. I ponder characters and how they might develop, plot twists, themes that I want to explore, points I want to make, just about everything that should go into the writing of a book actually. The other thing is that it does not seem to end with writing ‘The End’. My books still haunt my memory like old friends. They never seem to leave me even when I am working on something new.

To me, The Queen of the Mountain is a good adventure story in a fantasy setting. That is what is at the heart of the book. A good old adventure where good battles evil. But then there is more to the story, well, there had to be seeing as I had dumped all the medieval paraphernalia, not to mention the usual suspects; elves, orcs, dragons, and wizards. One of the themes of the book is a society in transition from a period of repression and exclusion to one that is more open. It seems inevitable that an institution like a monarchy would come under pressure from people who feel that they have little to say in matters but suffer the outcomes disproportionately all the same. So, we have to have republicanism then!

Like any creative process the decision to add something new at this late stage causes problems. I need a character who can make a case for the new theme. That character needs a backstory and a logical introduction to events. I have an idea on that score. It is something that should slowly appear in the story and make a full entrance as a previous drama begins to resolve itself. Keep the tension going see! More work, but I feel that this book deserves it. I like the world that I have invented. I think that it possesses a degree of logic and depth that make it attractive. Adding a new layer will not hurt it. Now, to get on with the typing.


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