Do You Fancy a Free eBook for the Summer Holidays?

Seeing as the summer holidays have arrived, even though it does not look like it here in England, I thought that I might offer you a free book to take with you on your vacation, whether that be to somewhere exotic or just in the comfort of your own home.


‘Mesozoic’ is a technological thriller about a group of scientists who use time travel to go back to the Mesozoic Era in the hope of understanding how life survives mass extinction events. The human world has just gone through one such an occurrence. Civilisation as we know it has all but collapsed, but a new form of society has emerged. Founded on reason and a resource based economy the emergent civilisation is looking to avoid the mistakes of the past. Dr Eva Keisler is set to become the new leader of this new human world. She makes one fatal wish before taking office; to see a dinosaur for real!

Eva joins the Palaeontological Field Time Unit (PFTU) for a trip to the Triassic Period, but her presence triggers a murder. It began as a field trip for a VIP; it turns into a chase to catch a killer that takes Eva and the PFTU across the whole Mesozoic Era. Aided by Tanya, a survivalist expert, and using the individual expertise of the team members to avoid deadly encounters with dangerous dinosaurs. The killer is destroying the time stations, attempting to strand Eva and the PFTU millions of years in the past. To add to the danger there is a traitor in their midst, just waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

‘Mesozoic’ was a fun book to write. I am an avid science fan and I went out of my way to represent the prehistoric animals as accurately as possible. They are not the psychotic, over engineered monsters of Jurassic Park. I also used the story to suggest a better way of living in an advanced technology based society. Moving at a fast pace, one which reflects the pressing danger that the characters are in, and passing through the Triassic, the Jurassic, and the Cretaceous Periods that constitute the Mesozoic Era, the plot twists and turns as human deceit and bravery both create and resolves various conflicts.

Available from Sunday, 21 July at 12am PDT (GMT -8 hours), to Thursday, 25 July 1159pm PDT. Visit your preferred Amazon store to download a FREE eBook copy and let dinosaurs heat up your summer!

Mesozoic at

Mesozoic at

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