As Experiments Go…

Me, concocting another experiment

This one is incomplete. To be honest I am not sure if it will ever conclude, but like most things if you never try then you will never know.

The experiment was very simple, offer my book ‘Mesozoic’ for free for 5 days. I promoted the offer using multiple social media accounts. I did not have any money to spend on advertising. 20 people downloaded the book. I was quite happy with that result. The final test will be in how many of them actually read the book and then, how many will post a review?

Yes, the whole exercise is dedicated to getting more reviews. Pathetic really! Well, no, not really. The fact is that I have 20 new readers. To be honest, that is an achievement in itself. The customer review, however, has become quite important in a writer getting their work noticed. In fact, it applies to most areas of creativity, music, art, theatre, and cinema. Perhaps that is the problem, too much demand for too many things? I mean, if you buy something on eBay they ask for a review. Because I also would like more reviews I do try to leave one, but I do not always remember. I suppose that is true of book readers too.

I will not be sat twiddling my thumbs awaiting the results of the experiment though. I am still working on ‘Queen of the Mountain Kingdom’, which keeps trying to delay being finished by giving me new ideas to work on. It has been good fun though. Also, I am revising the manuscript for ‘Eugenica’. I also need to check on the progress of ‘For Rapture of Ravens’ as it is currently in production to become an audiobook. It might be hot in England, but it is even hotter in my workshop…study…parlour…kitchen…well, anywhere I can set my laptop down really.

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