If the World were like Dubrovnik!

I did not get to make a blog post last week as I was in Dubrovnik on a family holiday. It was my second visit to the city, the first being about 3 years ago when our cruise ship called at the port. This time we got spend a little longer and very much appreciated it.

Our accommodation was in Nova Mokosica, which is to the north of Dubrovnik. This might have been a problem except that our apartment was on the route of the 1A and 1B buses that go direct to Pile Gate, the main entrance to the walled city. The bus fares were very cheap, and the service proved both reliable and frequent. Okay, the busses were also well used and often packed, but that was one of those things that you just have to accept.

The weather proved to be excellent for the first part of the week, often reaching 30C. Unfortunately, thunderstorms arrived at the end of the week. They proved pretty dramatic. Personally, I like experiencing thunderstorms. Practically, they can spoil things, especially on your last day when you are kicking your heels until it is time to go to the airport.

We stumbled upon a jazz band playing outside a bar one evening. They were very good musicians. Being fortunate to find a table we ordered drinks and enjoyed listening to the excellent music. Of course, we were not alone. Indeed, as I sat there and looked around I saw many different types of people. There were people of different colours and faiths and nationalities, all wandering through this historic city quite amiably. Quite a few stopped to listen and watch the Jazz band. The atmosphere was very friendly, and that made me think; where does all the conflict come from?

Okay, I am not that naïve. I know that there are people out there who live to peddle hate. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to imagine the human world being in any other state. Except in a city like Dubrovnik. I am an egalitarian. I believe in the equality of treatment for everyone. I do not care about race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or any other human difference. To be honest, I think that most of them are so minimal in comparison to what we all have in common that it seems ludicrous to base decision or behaviour on them. I think that in Dubrovnik it became patently clear that we can live together if we choose to. I suppose that is the point, too often people choose not to. I do not understand the attraction of hate, it only leads to violence and destruction. Hate never built anything worthwhile.
Dubrovnik is a city that was probably built for the same reasons as any other human city. It has high walls and was clearly intended to be a display of martial strength. Whatever its history Dubrovnik seems to me to have become a very cosmopolitan place. It had a very positive feel to it. I do not remember meeting any objectionable people there. Sitting at the table listening to the Jazz and watching other visitors wander by felt right. I liked being there and I liked other people being there also. Now, if only we could turn the whole world into a place like Dubrovnik.

Me, my hat, and Dubrovnik

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