The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom: Read for FREE!

An Epic Fantasy set in an original world.

On the Holy Mountain of Oroson women cannot hold positions of authority over men, but Princess Saran, facing the imminent death of her father and becoming the last of their dynasty, plans to take the crown.

Her enemies are greater than she knows. The original occupants of the kingdom, the Old People, are looking to return to the world and they have a powerful magick at their disposal. A neighbouring kingdom has set in motion a plot to conquer Oroson. Finally, the Heir Presumptive will not surrender his family’s expectation of sitting on a throne long denied to them.

Saran’s allies are few. They include a veteran mercenary soldier enlisted to return the once famous Royal Guard to its former glory. The outlawed Orosies, the original priestesses of the Holy Mountain, use their arts to advance the young princess’ plans. Perhaps most dangerous of all is a Sorceress steeped in ancient magick who seeks only revenge.

Assassins stalk the shadows. A murdering monster kills in the streets. Adventurers seek fortunes. A huge battle erupts on the side of the mountain. Above it a more terrifying encounter is fought between two god-like users of magick. The fate of all humanity becomes tied to the fate of the Mountain Kingdom and the fate of the crown rests in the hands of a young princess.

The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom will be FREE to download from Amazon for a limited time only: 21st  to 22nd November.

QMK Cover

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