All of my Books will be FREE for a Limited Time

From Wednesday 25 March at 12:00am (Pacific Time) until Sunday 29 March 11:59pm (Pacific Time) all of my novels will be available for free download for the Amazon Kindle.

The Sorrow Song Trilogy

For the very first time all three volumes of the Sorrow Song Trilogy are available at the same time for absolutely nothing. Follow Coenred, Captain of Huscarls, as he crosses swords with Vikings and Normans in the year of 1066. It was the beginning of the end for the Saxon people, but they did not go quietly into history. At Fulford Gate Coenred stood against the War Wolf, King Harald Hardrada of Norway, even as his young lords spurned his wise advice. Their quest for glory leads to the Kingdom of England falling into crisis. At Stamford Bridge Coenred joins the banner of King Harold of England as the largest Viking army ever to set foot in the British Isles is brought to task by an equal Saxon power. The bodies of the fallen will lie as Rapture For Ravens. Finally, at a hill north of the town of Hastings, Coenred stands with a worthy king to throw back the invading Normans. The fate of the combatants remains undecided, awaiting only the Blade’s Fell Blow.



Imagine a world where eugenics exists as a government policy designed to improve the health of the nation; in Eugnica it exists! Britain in an alternate 1930’s pursues the eugenic ideal of superior people leading a superior country. Grace, a girl with only one hand and one leg, and Tom, a coloured blind boy, find themselves interned in Spring Bank, a facility for the dissolute, the deranged, the mentally and physically unfit. While intellectuals and politicians discuss the philosophy of eugenics on the marvellous R102 airship as it makes its way to America and then Germany, Grace and Tom discover the truth of what it means to fall short of the eugenic ideal. Pursued by government agents, aided by a shadowy resistance group, their fight for life becomes an emotional rollercoaster of an adventure.



In a future where the world we know has collapsed scientists travel back into prehistory to discover how life survives mass extinction events. Human society has survived and become technologically advanced, but their future is not yet secure. Eva Kiesler, due to become the next Assembly Leader, is granted a wish before she takes up her office; to see a real dinosaur. Her presence in the Mesozoic Era results in disaster, however. A murderer strikes. Eva and the team escorting her are in danger of becoming stranded over 65 million years in the past. Racing across a prehistoric landscape, trying to avoid the attention of the many fascinating and dangerous animals that surround them, Eva and her team face a struggle against the odds to escape their fate, made all the more difficult by the presence of a traitor in their ranks.

The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom


In the Kingdom of Oroson women can have no authority over men. Princess Saran is seemingly doomed to see her dynasty end with her father who grows weaker each day, but the young royal has a determination to see herself become the first Queen of the Mountain Kingdom. Enlisting the aid of a mercenary returned to the land of his birth Saran puts into play a gamble to win a throne against seemingly impossible odds. The church stands against her. A foreign army is invading the kingdom. The old people who ruled Oroson 5,000 years ago have returned and they wield a magic power that they plan to use to regain their homeland. Warrior priestesses, a sorceress, a murderous monster that haunts the city streets at night, spies, assassins, armies employing muskets and canons to win a great victory, and gentlemen of adventure all come together to weave a fantasy story like no other.


Choose for yourself what kind of story you wish to read; historical fiction, alternate history, science fiction, or fantasy. Of one thing I am sure, you will not be disappointed.

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