The Devil Within Us – Published!

It was with a very happy heart that I submitted The Devil Within Us for publication. I had not intended to write another novel this year, I was supposed to be learning all about marketing in order to be discovered, become famous, and obviously rich. That is what I will – hopefully – be doing next!

I did enjoy writing The Devil Within Us, however. It was not a complicated story to work with. I found the emergence of Artemisia Montessori as the protagonist a very interesting experience. There was always the intent of having a character develop, to change from what they appeared to be to what they really are, but I did not choose her for that role initially. Artemisia just became both fascinating and enjoyable to write about. I do believe that if the author enjoys writing a character then the reader is more likely to enjoy reading about them as well.

Although essentially a thriller with overtones of adventure, The Devil Within Us touches on some very serious themes, such as the nature of civilisation and the apathy of society. I am currently running an offer in which anyone who reads one of my books and then posts a review will be entitled to receive any one of my other novels for free. If you would like to take advantage of this, hopefully with The Devil Within Us, then please visit here: Free eBook Offer

Many thanks for following this creative journey through the several posts I have submitted.

Book Cover Red 01.3

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