As promised I have now immersed myself in the world of marketing. One of my first ideas was ROGOF! This superb and totally original idea is very simple: Review One and Get One Free!

I have struggled to get the numbers for reviews of my books to equal the number of sales said books have enjoyed. I do not know why but many readers either do not want to give reviews for reasons I am totally ignorant of or they download my books and just never read them. I am not sure which is worse. Actually, I am, it is the latter; definitely. I mean, who wants to spend a year or two writing a novel that no one is gong to read?

The weird thing is, to me at least, that when I do get reviews they are frequently very good. People do seem to enjoy reading my work. That alone is quite a satisfying thought. It also inspired me…not sure if that is the right word actually, anyway, it got me thinking, what if I just give my readers a gentle nudge? Everyone like getting something for almost nothing don’t they? Well, here’s the opportunity. If you have read, or fancy reading, one of my books simply post a review at the vendors website, Amazon or Smashwords for example, go to my website, , and send me an email with a link or description of the review and which one of my books you would like to read for free.

As simple as that!

Rogof 01.1

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