Marketing, like all other oceans, is full of sharks

Well, my first serious foray into book marketing did not go particularly well. I saw an offer on-line for a service that offered to promote my book by all the usual methods, reviews in line with the extant Amazon policy, mentions on Twitter, my book and my name given out to a MailChimp list of several thousand. It sounded okay. There were several packages on offer, with the usual spin that if you don’t buy now then the price will go up. I decided to take the plunge, but went for the cheapest option; only $39, or £31.

After completing all the necessary forms I was told to expect my first review no earlier than 3rd September and no later than the 9th. I kept checking my Amazon page and of course no reviews appeared. With today being the 10th I decided to pay ‘Easy Book Tours’ a visit, and this image met my eyes:

So, I checked my PayPal account and found contact details for a company called ‘Verge-Soft’. I tried their website and found this professional looking landing page:

There was an email address via PayPal and I have used it to ask for a repayment but I do not hold out much hope. Fortunately, I can afford this loss, one good reason to choose the lower option when trying something like this out for the first time I suppose. It is not particularly encouraging , however.

I have noticed on Facebook that there is now a plethora of people and companies selling the successful writer dream, everything from choosing a pen name to ‘how to write the best [insert genre] book ever!’ and all the marketing deals inbetween. This is one of the reasons why marketing does not interest me. To my now cynical eye it seems that, at best, only one in three such offers are legitimate, although if I were to get really negative I think that might be as low as one in ten! Where there’s money there’s always a scam. I am not saying that Verge-Soft Inc., have taken my money dishonestly, but that will only be proved if they pay it back. I am hoping that they will make good on the deal, but there’s nothing on my Amazon page to suggest that they started to do that.

Next time my approach will be once bitten, twice shy!

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