It Takes a Double Take

A week or two ago I updated all the covers of my novels on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It took awhile as you have to go into each book and update the content even when the only change is to the image used for the cover. When you have seven novels to work on that can be quite a tedious task. The point was to have the covers of the paperbacks looking exactly the same as the Kindle eBooks. With my two most previous books, The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom and The Devil Within Us that was not particularly difficult as I created the paperback variants immediately after publishing the eBooks. That left me with Eugenica, Mesozoic, and The Sorrow Song Trilogy; The War Wolf, For Rapture of Ravens, and The Blade’s Fell Blow.

Everything seemed to go fine, a little slow perhaps, but I believed that I had achieved my goal. However, a few days later I was admiring my Amazon Author’s Page and selected the paperback tab and saw this:

The Blade’s Fell Blow was sporting the OLD cover!

Boy, did I feel like an amateur! I rushed, figuratively not literally, to my KDP bookshelf, which was displaying the image I was hoping to see:

However, when I clicked on the ‘View on Amazon’ link I got this confirmation that things had not gone as expected:

The only thing to do was to go back into the paperback contents and see what I did wrong. I mean, I must have done something wrong, right? The Blade’s Fell Blow was the last book I worked on that day and perhaps I was a little careless due to being tired. Oh well, let’s put things right. Oh no, what is this I see?!

Well, that’s just weird! KDP are telling me that the cover was uploaded successfully, but Amazon are not showing it for some reason? Oh hum! The trials and tribulations of an independent author, not quite on the scale of those my characters suffer but a bit tiresome all the same!

The only option was to go back into the cover creator and have another go. If you want to know if I was successful why not visit my author’s page to find out and look at the pretty paperbacks?

Peter C Whitaker

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