Perhaps it is about (political) time?!

Following the old adage that it is better to do something than nothing I decided to do something about my disenchantment with British politics; I set up a Facebook page!

Revolutionary eh?!

I am not fooling myself. I am probably doing the bare minimum, but I am doing something. To be honest the thought has been with me for sometime now. I have prevaricated, however. You see, I have some views on politics that really are not that fashionable. First, I believe that all political parties are anathema to true democracy. No political party represents the will of the majority; all of them represent a minority interest combined with an occasional coincidence of also finding common ground with a sufficient number of voters to get them into power in our British first past the post system. Once in power it is more than likely that a significant number of people who did vote for them will discover that all those manifesto promises were forgotten as soon as the result was announced.

I have lived through enough General Elections to know that this is uncomfortably true for any winning party.

Second, I believe that it is time for true representation, that is, something that goes beyond the two major parties and a bunch of very small minority parties. Proportional Representation is one name for it. I know, they had a referendum on the subject a few years back. The ‘For PR’ campaign was woeful. I cannot help thinking that the whole referendum only went ahead because those in the know knew those arguing for PR were going to make such a mess of it.

Third, I do not believe that our MP’s should be as privileged as they currently appear to be. I prefer a rather more visceral form of representation that does not include a massive system of allowances that makes your average benefit claimant look thrifty to say the least.

Anyway, those are some of my ideas. I know, not everyone else agrees with all of them, but that is okay, you only have to agree that something needs to be done about Parliament. It does not matter to me if you do support a political party, any of them except the extremist or religion inspired groups, as long as you believe in a working democracy that meets the needs of the country as a whole and not just a minority with a vested interest in wealth over people.

If I have piqued your interest, please visit here: Campaign for Parliamentary Reform: CPR for Democracy

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