Bring it on, 2021

I have never been one for making New Year Resolutions and 2021 is going to be no different in that respect. However, it does mean that the Christmas Holidays are finished and that life will return to normal, by which I mean that I will be slipping back into a familiar routine. Later this week I will be returning to work as I am a designated key worker, but I have a day or two to start my creative life again.

First, the writing; I now appear to have three books at the first draft stage! I have already mentioned the book about euthanasia, but two others have worked their way into my subconscious over the festive period. One is a science fiction epic and the other a fantasy. Neither are fully developed, they only exist in my imagination, but I find myself attracted to both ideas. At some point in the next couple of months I will probably try writing something about them to see if the ideas can be developed further. This will not interfere with my euthanasia book. I find that having two projects on the go at the same time useful. If I hit any creative blocks with the first project then I can turn to the second to keep the creativity going while I try and resolve the problems with the other book.

Second, I have not given up on marketing. My efforts last year were knocked back by a negative experience, but I know that I have to do something. Smashwords, an ebook publisher in the USA, ran a promotion over the Christmas period and I decided to participate, making all my books available for free. At the close 109 books were downloaded. The surprise was that Eugenica, a book that I have struggled to find a readership for, proved the most popular! Mesozoic came second, closely followed by The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom. The Sorrow Song Trilogy were further down the list than I expected and The Devil Within Us brought up the rear, but was not that far behind. What this experiment told me was that there is indeed a market for my work out there; I just have to try harder to find it.

Finally, I have determined to work harder. Not at my day job, that just pays the bills, but at all the things that I really enjoy doing. I am going to try and avoid getting sucked into things that offer no real return. This sounds a little vague, I know, and perhaps it is better that way. Writing and everything associated with it is going to be at the forefront for me, but other creative projects are also in my future. Instead of bemoaning the current state of affairs in both the country and the larger world I am going to exploit the opportunities on offer. One commitment that I am going to make is to blog more.

May 2021 prove a very fruitful year for all of us!

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