Marketing: Time for a Review

My marketing exercise has passed its expiration point. I had set it to run from 10 – 14 February. The point of the exercise was to broaden my readership by offering the book, The Devil Within Us, for free. I paid for a promotion run with Just Kindle Books and arranged for the book to be free to download on the dates specified above. I invested $48 in the scheme.

On the first day there were 173 downloads and I have to say that I was very impressed with that total. Over the remaining 4 days the numbers were not so exciting, they being: 28, 18, 14, and 6 downloads. Altogether, that made a total of 239. One reason for the sudden drop after the first day is that the plan I bought from Just Kindle Books was mainly for 1 day. There were some extras that I could have added to the plan, for a cost obviously, but I chose not to on this occasion. That said, I was actually quite pleased with the end result. I now have a potential increase in the number of readers who know of my work to the total of 239. That is not a lot in terms of global readership, clearly, but book readers do talk to each other, that is what fueled the ’50 Shades of Gray’ phenomenon. I expect that is a dream of many an ebook author these days. Personally, I hoping for some honest reviews from those who get round to reading the actual book and, yes, some discussion of my work amongst readers out there would be very rewarding too.

I am not fooling myself into thinking that I have achieved anything significant here, but Just Kindle Books did deliver, which is more than the firm I approached before them did. I am considering running another promotion with them next month and probably for a different book. Clearly, there is some merit in this marketing thing, which I knew there would be; I just do not find it very interesting. However, I have done all the other things that I was encouraged to do, get on social media, write blogs, have a website, etc., and although initially fun to do the sales figures did dry up. They are not exactly sky-rocketing right now, but I am feeling a little more optimistic.

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