The War Wolf – Let’s Read and Discuss 27 – The Final Part

Somehow it seemed fitting that the novel should close on the two characters that seemed central to the story; Coenred and Mildryth. He had begun the tale as a seasoned warrior, a man dedicated to his calling and not interested in being a husband to any woman, but his mind had begun turning to a life not ruled by the sword. She was a widow, a woman who had lost everything but her desire to live after the death of her husband and son. It seemed a bitter twist of fate that two such people should find each other just as their world was plunged into darkness by an attack by their ancient enemy; the Vikings. Events now drove them apart. Coenred seeks to escape the city and return to the beaten men, the survivors of the recent battle, but he must leave Mildryth behind to fight her own struggle for survival. Each must trust in the other and hope to meet again on another day.

That day is the subject of the second book in the series, For Rapture of Ravens recounting the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Below is a PDF file of the chapter under discussion. Please, click on the link and enjoy.

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