For Rapture of Ravens – Let’s Read and Discuss 01

The Vikings have defeated the Anglo-Saxon army of the north and York has fallen. The impact of these events was to have a tragic outcome for England, but no one could appreciate the full extent of the loss of one battle would have. On the following day, Coenred gathers to him the remnants of the warriors that he fought alongside. He has only one idea, to retire to Tadcaster and meet with the army that he is sure King Harold will send north from London. In this single act he is being more of a leader than either of his two lords, the eorls Edwin and Morcar. They have fled to the safety of Durham and abandoned the people that they are responsible for.

The day after the victory is somewhat confusing to the Vikings themselves; they did not sack York. King Hardrada has come for a crown, not for pillage and plunder. Against expectation he takes his army back to Riccall, where his fleet is moored, leaving behind only a small garrison in the city. Other Viking warriors are tasked with taking the news of their victory to the settlements that ring York. Hardrada, it seems, has a notion that when the descendants of their people who have settled in England hear the news of the battle they will flock to his banner. It just happens to be Coenred’s luck that, as they make their weary way to Tadcaster, his men meet with a group of Vikings in a Saxon village.

Below is a PDF file of the chapter under discussion. Please, click on the link and enjoy.

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