For Rapture of Ravens – Let’s Read and Discuss 21

In blissful ignorance Harald Hardrada, King of Norway, enjoys a march through the countryside of England as he leads his men to Stamford Bridge, the location allocated for the receiving of hostages and victuals from the people of York. Tostig Godwinson accompanies him, but he is less than happy to see that the bulk of their forces have left their heavy armour in Riccall. They walk as if enjoying a late summer stroll with their king. Tostig urges more caution, they are in the lands of their enemy, after all, but Hardrada is convinced that the Saxons of the north are beaten. He’s sees no more fight in the local population. What never occurs to the wily old War Wolf is that he is faced by enemy more determined than himself.

Below is a PDF file of the chapter under discussion. Please, click on the link and enjoy.

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