At last, a campaign against prejudice that I can fully support!

I have asked previously why we do not have a campaign that is aimed at prejudice in general, not just specific examples, such as racism. All forms of discrimination have their roots in the human disposition to prejudice. No matter what characteristic of another person inspires it, prejudice leads to discrimination and the results are very much the same. A group of people, usually a minority, are marginalised, excluded, and denied the equality of treatment and opportunity. This has happened to people due to their age, gender reassignment, marriage, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and disability. At the moment, anti-racism is very much in vogue, but as so often seems to happen in the quest for civil rights, the successes seen in one area rarely transfer to others. Indeed, the light cast on racism inadvertently appears to have left other areas of concern, disability rights being my particular interest, in the shade.

I do not know if the Union of European Football Associations, UEFA, are aware of this fact, but they have decided to champion a campaign aimed against prejudice in general; it is called ‘#EqualGame’ and it has a very simple aim: that everyone should be able to enjoy football. It is a fully inclusive message. No single protected characteristic features above any other. A love of the game of football is the unifying factor. A person’s involvement in the game can range from being just a spectator to being a world star player, status does not matter, equality of treatment and the opportunity to enjoy the game does.

As a child, when I was more physically able, I played football. I loved the game. As an adult I still enjoy watching it. I can hardly kick a ball today, but that is okay, according to #EqualGame I am included in their football community and, as a disabled person, being treated the same as everyone else is all I ever really wanted.

If you are interested in the message of #EqualGame then there is more information here: UEFA #EqualGame

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