Where am I up to?

I am aware that I have not posted much about my chief occupation, which is writing, but that is probably because I have not done much writing lately. This is not a matter of choice on my part, but the result of circumstance. In an earlier post I recounted how I had spent my time carrying out what might be called an editorial review of all of my novels. It was a time-consuming process, but it also turned out to be very enjoyable and, I believe, worthwhile. This was done as part of my preparation for marketing my work, which is an ongoing activity despite the recent setbacks. I am also going back to looking for a literary agent to help me get my novels noticed. I should also mention that my stand-alone website has been revised as well and now sports a new look that is entirely book orientated.

Despite all of the above, I have managed to write a short story. I am going to feature it on the website mentioned above. I will also post it here. Although I consider myself a novel writer, I do occasionally drift into writing short stories. Some of my ideas simple cannot be expanded over 70,000 words, but I like them all the same and choose to write them in a briefer format. Due to numerous other concerns many of them simply do not seem to get the work that they deserve, but one or two do. I will be making them available very soon.

My wife is asking me about the book on euthanasia; it is still very much a work in progress. I am taking my time with this one because it is a subject that is very important to me. The book will not be a polemic on the topic of euthanasia. I intend for the reader to make their own mind up at the end of it. Personally, I am in favour of people having the right to end their own lives at a time of their choosing. I do not think that this would surprise anyone who actually knows me. To me this as a negative or immoral choice. I see it as a practical alternative to an inescapable event, which is of course that we will all die one day. My aim is to present the main arguments for and against euthanasia in a reasoned fashion and have my protagonist deal with them from their point of view.
I should perhaps mention that I have a couple of other projects on the go as well. One is a response to both Star Wars and Star Trek. I like both franchises, but I cannot say that I have enjoyed either of them as fully as I would wish to. In both of them I recognise short-comings and failings, some of which, I accept, are more from practical limitations, such as budgetary constraints reducing the representation of aliens in Star Trek to yet another human actor with bits of rubber stuck on their faces and gaudy make up. The ideas and themes of the book are still being worked on, but I have the basic plot penned and I like where it is going. My other project is also personal in that it deals with being disabled. I touched on this subject in Eugenica, but whereas that was a dystopian alternate reality adventure, this is going to be something more grounded in the world that we all inhabit. I am not sure if my wife, my muse, is going to like it as much. The topic is closer to actual instances of prejudice and discrimination leading to a violent attack on the protagonist, which in turn results in an examination of the consequences of such actions and behaviours. It will utilise some of my own experiences in this area and I expect it to be painful, but, as ever, ultimately positive in the conclusion.

And so, that is the state of play for me at the moment.

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