The Next Big Step

Having decided to take book promotion and marketing into my own hands, I have signed up to attend a book fair as an author. I will be appearing in Louth, Lincolnshire, on September 4th. This is quite a big step to take. It calls for some financial investment, about £500’s worth I reckon. I find that figure oddly comforting as I seem to remember that the lads in U2 each asked their parents to loan them £500 so that they could move to London and get themselves a record contract and we all know what happened there! I am not deluded, however, just optimistic.

There is a lot to do in preparation for this event. I have already looked into promotional material for it, but decided not to rush things. This will be the first time that I have attended a book fair as an author. I am not sure if anyone is even going to be interested in my books, but I have to believe that I will get at least one sale! The biggest outlay has been for paperback copies of the novels themselves. I have ordered 100 ‘Author’s Copies’ from Amazon, which came in at over £400, including delivery. I was thinking about having at least one banner to attract attention but I have chosen to wait on that idea. If all goes well then I will consider the idea seriously.

I am stepping into the unknown, which is both an exciting and yet anxiety inspiring thing to do. A part of me is looking forward to meeting people and getting to talk to them about my work. Another part is dreading that I will be sat next to a box of books from which nary a copy has ventured further than the table top! In truth, I am not too worried. I have decided to focus all of my attention of my Sorrow Song Trilogy, which have been my best sellers to date. The opening of the first book, The War Wolf, even occurs in Lincolnshire, so there is a local connexion! Okay, it is true, the village of Grims’By, today known as the town of Grimsby, is burnt to the ground, but it was nothing personal: honest!

Who knows, perhaps someone attending the book fair may actually read one of my books and decide that I am going to be the next big thing? Well, it worked for Bono and the lads!

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