Stupid is as Stupid Does

There is a simple honesty about the above statement. Another way of putting it is that stupidity always reveals itself, because it does. Facebook can be stupid too. Here is an example, I received this after posting on Facebook the other day:

The subject of the post was the ineptitude of the British Government and how could anyone of voted for a man who is a known liar and totally incompetent, that is Boris Johnson. Brave Facebook decided to intercede to protect this group of people, the majority of the British electorate, from being described as inferior to others. I did not describe them as inferior, I said that they were stupid and I was using the word to imply that they had shown poor judgment, which is a valid definition of the word, stupid.

If I was into conspiracy theories then I might argue that this was proof of Facebook supporting the current British Government, but I really do not think that this is so. I do not know if Facebook employ people to moderate posts, like they do on other forums, but I suspect that this warning was produced by an algorithm. My reason for doing so is because there were several other comments from Facebook that went with the warning, one of them being about context. If my comment was read by a real person in the context of the discussion that I posted it then it made perfect sense. It has been suggested to me that Facebook do not like the use of the word ‘stupid’, which is something an algorithm could be used to detect. It would also explain why the rest of the wording that came with the warning made no sense; it was actually stupid!

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