Where am I up to?

I am aware that I have not posted much about my chief occupation, which is writing, but that is probably because I have not done much writing lately. This is not a matter of choice on my part, but the result of circumstance. In an earlier post I recounted how I had spent my time … Continue reading Where am I up to?

Responses to The Sham of Virtue Signalling Post

I got three comments to this blog post, although only one was made on this website, and, as it agreed with the points made, I will respond only to those that did not agree. https://petercwhitaker.wordpress.com/2021/07/04/the-sham-of-virtue-signalling/ Reply number one: I think that's a simplistic analysis. Most people feel powerless and unable to voice or create change. … Continue reading Responses to The Sham of Virtue Signalling Post