The War Wolf: Read and Discuss 15

This was also the first meeting between Mildryth and Edwin and it begins quite nervously. Through it I hoped to suggest some of the nervous excitement and anxiety that many of the people in the city might be feeling. There was a long history of conflict between the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings of course, and they were so closely matched that it was not possible to foretell the outcome.

The War Wolf – Let’s Read and Discuss 14

The moments immediately preceding the battle gave me an opportunity to describe the equipment and tactics that both the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings shared. They used the same weapons, straight swords, spears, and axes, as well as large wooden shields made to a circular pattern and often decorated with painted designs. I undertook a lot of research on this subject, a fact that more than one reviewer has congratulated me for.

Marketing: Time for a Review

My marketing exercise has passed its expiration point. I had set it to run from 10 - 14 February. The point of the exercise was to broaden my readership by offering the book, The Devil Within Us, for free. I paid for a promotion run with Just Kindle Books and arranged for the book to be free to download on the dates specified above. I invested $48 in the scheme.