A Covid-19 Anecdote

Yesterday, my wife, who is a nurse, told me that one of her colleagues had tested positive for Covid-19. They had worked the same shift together but my wife's test came back negative. Now, the interesting part is that her colleague is fully vaccinated, but my wife is not. She was the 41st person in … Continue reading A Covid-19 Anecdote

A comparison of reported statistics for COVID-19 in 2021 from May to August

Fig. 1 Fig. 1, Table 1: Reported Cases of COVID-19 by World and by UK. Observations for the World: the number of cases has increased by 30,551,222. The number of deaths has increased by 0.05%. the number of recovered has increased by 1.06%. The number of active cases has fallen by 1.11%. Observations for the … Continue reading A comparison of reported statistics for COVID-19 in 2021 from May to August

The Government’s National Strategy for Disabled People

On 2nd April, 2020, the UK Government announced a National Strategy for Disabled People; for some reason I only discovered the fact after reading a post on Facebook that commented on a survey recently initiated in support of this new policy. A quick trawl of search results reveals that no major media outlet seems to have picked up on it. The same can be said for the survey that was released 15th January, 2021.

The Question of Euthanasia; too Tricky?

I will be honest from the start; I support voluntary euthanasia. That said, I am not interested in writing a polemic on the subject. I cannot see too many people being interested in that approach. I want to write a serious book that looks at euthanasia in the form of a consideration of the arguments both for and against. Obviously, I will be tending towards one side rather than the other, but my plan is to do so sympathetically. It will not be a tub beating exercise.