The Question of Euthanasia; too Tricky?

I will be honest from the start; I support voluntary euthanasia. That said, I am not interested in writing a polemic on the subject. I cannot see too many people being interested in that approach. I want to write a serious book that looks at euthanasia in the form of a consideration of the arguments both for and against. Obviously, I will be tending towards one side rather than the other, but my plan is to do so sympathetically. It will not be a tub beating exercise.

Grace and Tom

When I wrote about Coenred and Mildryth I was reminded of another couple who had taken centre stage in one of my other novels; Grace Fielding and Thomas Morrow. They appear in Eugenica. They have no romantic attachment to one another, partly because they are quite young, and partly because they are thrown together by a series of terrible events rather than mutual attraction.