Why not have a ‘No Room for Prejudice’ Campaign?

Being an avid football fan, I am well aware of the 'No Room for Racism' campaign that was launched in March 2019. It is one of many campaigns that aim to improve the treatment of people seen as vulnerable to discrimination. There are many players in the English football leagues who are not white and, therefore, many who may encounter racism during their careers, which is probably why football authorities are keen to be seen as tackling the problem.

Risdun Hak and Eiji Tunshi

This is another one of those writing moments where characters seem to either introduce themselves or simply intrude into the creative process. Eiji Tunshi is too much of a gentleman to intrude, I feel that he just charmed his way into existence. I already had an idea for a character that became Risdun Hak. He … Continue reading Risdun Hak and Eiji Tunshi

Grace and Tom

When I wrote about Coenred and Mildryth I was reminded of another couple who had taken centre stage in one of my other novels; Grace Fielding and Thomas Morrow. They appear in Eugenica. They have no romantic attachment to one another, partly because they are quite young, and partly because they are thrown together by a series of terrible events rather than mutual attraction.