The Devil Within Us – Published!

It was with a very happy heart that I submitted The Devil Within Us for publication. I had not intended to write another novel this year, I was supposed to be learning all about marketing in order to be discovered, become famous, and obviously rich. That is what I will - hopefully - be doing next! … Continue reading The Devil Within Us – Published!

Writing My Seventh Novel – Part Fifteen

Almost there! It is quite a feeling to complete a project like writing a novel. I am not sure if I have captured any of it in my previous fourteen posts. The book is very close to being finished. In many respects this is the most difficult part of any artistic creation no matter what … Continue reading Writing My Seventh Novel – Part Fifteen

A Marketing We’ll Go

As I come to the end of writing my latest novel I cannot help but return to the subject that I like least and yet what I was considering at the beginning of the year; marketing. As previously mentioned in earlier blogs, I have dabbled with marketing, but not enjoyed any great success. In fact, I cannot say that I particularly enjoyed the experience. It does seem, however, to be an absolutely necessary requirement in my ongoing quest for a greater readership and an increase in the awareness of my work.