All Lives Matter and the House on Fire Analogy

I recently read a post on social media that was offered as an abuttal to the ‘All Lives Matter’ statement. It used the house on fire analogy, which is basically this: in a street of many houses one house is on fire. All the houses matter but only the one on fire matters right now. … Continue reading All Lives Matter and the House on Fire Analogy


As promised I have now immersed myself in the world of marketing. One of my first ideas was ROGOF! This superb and totally original idea is very simple: Review One and Get One Free! I have struggled to get the numbers for reviews of my books to equal the number of sales said books have … Continue reading ROGOF

A Marketing We’ll Go

As I come to the end of writing my latest novel I cannot help but return to the subject that I like least and yet what I was considering at the beginning of the year; marketing. As previously mentioned in earlier blogs, I have dabbled with marketing, but not enjoyed any great success. In fact, I cannot say that I particularly enjoyed the experience. It does seem, however, to be an absolutely necessary requirement in my ongoing quest for a greater readership and an increase in the awareness of my work.