How the Myth of Sisyphus relates to Me today

I have a very rare muscle condition, Myotonia Congenita. Of the two recognised variants I have Beckers's, which brings with it not just an impaired ability for my muscles to relax after contraction but also sudden and unexpected bouts of weakness, especially in my arms and legs. My symptoms are severe, but I do get … Continue reading How the Myth of Sisyphus relates to Me today

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I very much enjoyed the 1987 movie starring Steve Martin and John Candy, but that is not what I am writing about. In my book, Eugenica, the protagonists use planes, trains, and automobiles to escape their pursuers. Well, actually they use the singular of each of those modes of transport. One plane, a De Havilland … Continue reading Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

There is No Benefit to Being Disabled

“Before my diagnosis with multiple sclerosis, I knew what ‘the disabled’ looked like and I'm sure I had the right instincts towards ‘them’. But I had no understanding of what it was like to be ‘disabled’ and no understanding of the myriad obstacles — born out of discrimination or disinclination, bureaucracy or bullying, ineptitude or ignorance, … Continue reading There is No Benefit to Being Disabled