Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I very much enjoyed the 1987 movie starring Steve Martin and John Candy, but that is not what I am writing about. In my book, Eugenica, the protagonists use planes, trains, and automobiles to escape their pursuers. Well, actually they use the singular of each of those modes of transport. One plane, a De Havilland … Continue reading Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Eugenica – The Challenging Book

It was not a surprise that so many people took advantage of my free book giveaway, certainly in respect of the historical fiction novels. Those books have always proved popular. The big surprise though is Eugenica. I have always found it difficult to get this book a readership, but this week has gone very well. … Continue reading Eugenica – The Challenging Book

Why on Earth Would You Want to Write about Eugenics?

“So what is your next book about?” “Eugenics.” “Eugenics, what’s that?” “Put simply the idea that if you breed good with good you get better.” “Why on earth would you want to write about that?” “Good question!” That is a brief account of a conversation that I had very recently. The person I was talking … Continue reading Why on Earth Would You Want to Write about Eugenics?

Writing About Disability isn’t Pretty is it?

Having just started submitting my manuscript for Eugenica to literary agents I received a comment that made me ponder the wisdom of having four main characters all of whom are disabled; disability is not attractive! I agree, it is not. And the fact is that some people have a problem in dealing with disabled people. … Continue reading Writing About Disability isn’t Pretty is it?